The Pygmy Press was founded in 2012 out of a passion for reading and crafting. Our meager beginnings grew quickly into an Etsy empire with the support of family, friends and dedicated fandoms. From our very first sale, our focus has been on providing a unique and quality design which captures a reader's imagination.

From bibliophiles to authors, fan girls/boys and the casual reader, all have raved over our intricate tiny books. Attention to detail is what sets our miniature books apart. Every care is taken to ensure each one is secure and resistant to water and everyday wear. Our books are contructed with perfect binding and are tastefully sealed shut to preserve their integrity as jewelry pieces.

The most iconic aspect of a book however, is the cover. We print covers in HD on a micro porous synthetic and waterproof paper. To further ensure their longevity, they are finished with a professional photo fixative.

The Pygmy Press is very much a small business, operated entirely by Abigail Butler. "Abby" founded The Pygmy Press during her first year of university and has enjoyed watching it develop and expand throughout her academic career. She is now a passionate biologist with interests in global health and education. In her free time she likes to play polo, garden and read!